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About Us – Flemingtonadc

About Us



Today our life has become hectic and monotonic. The days are busy and we all live a robotic life. The emotional factor is fast eroding from our hearts. The elderly and aged are the ones who are most affected. They feel neglected, and disgusted at the treatment meted out to them by their own family members and the society at large.
However there are people today who give dignity, affection and care to the elders.
These are the people who make a difference in someone’s life.
That is how our: Flemington was born!
We always believed in how we will need someone to treat us when we reach the time when we need a caregiver.
At Flemington we firmly believe that “It is not how much you do, but how much love you put in the doing” as said by one of the noblest souls: Mother Theresa.
God gave us burdens but gave us shoulders also!

Our offerings on a platter:

• Activities for physical and mental development
• Hygienic and nutritious food
• Entertaining and educative programs
• Well organized visits to tourist and religious destinations
• Occasions for celebrating traditional, religious and national events
• Theme based seminars on social and health issues
• Avenues for malls and shopping areas
• A team of dedicated and experienced caretakers
• Health management and primary health services
• Managing appointments for X-ray and pathology laboratory
• Provision of fetching and dropping the aged at their home
• Option for taking appointments and taking the aged to their family doctor
• Providing a daily monitoring of common ailments like diabetes and blood pressure
• Specially allocated area for indoor games like carom, bingo, chess etc
• Daily therapy for health and fitness
• An ideal abode of mental peace and harmony
• Inculcating the sense of belongingness and care among other occupants in the center



Certified Nurse

We have certified nurses who take care of old adults very carefully.

Activity Director

With a passion for helping others and social skills, our creative Activity director develops programs, coordinate recreational activities and provide therapeutic activities for residents and participants.

Social Director

Fleminfton have social directors who are not interested in get profit from flemington, they wants to help more to our organization.


Our administrator manages, outlines and coordinate services geared toward older adults who may require assistance with eating, bathing, taking medication and other basic functions. He oversees the ...